Physical Exams

Physical Exams Questions and Answers

Premier Urgent Care & walk-in clinic performs convenient and affordable physical exams for children and adults when preparing for work, school, camps, or sports. We are open 7 days a week, no appointments needed! For more information please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Oxford CT, Newington CT, Naugatuck CT, New Britain CT, Seymour CT, Wethersfield CT, West Hartford CT and Waterbury, CT.

Physical Exams
Physical Exams

Do you live in the Newington or Oxford, CT area and need a physical? Come to Premier Urgent Care today with no appointment required! Just walk into our urgent care center and get the physical you need. We can administer physicals for adult and children who need one for school, camp, sports, or as a work requirement. We’re available every day of the week and are ready to serve you at both of our clinics.

 What is a physical?

There are many different kinds of physicals, with some being more involved than others. Generally a physical a thorough medical examination by a doctor to make sure you are medically fit and healthy.

What should I expect at a physical?

Depending on the nature of the physical, you should expect about a thirty-minute appointment where our provider will examine you. This visit can trend longer if blood samples are needed for testing. If this does occur, you will likely have to follow up with the doctor to learn the results of these tests. In some cases, these tests can be processed at our urgent care center while you wait.

What does a physical exam consist of?

In most physicals, our provider will record a variety of vital signs including your blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, respiration rate, and weight. Some physicals require routine blood tests that look at your blood sugar, lipid panels, thyroid, and complete blood count. A doctor will also review your medical history and talk to you about any recent symptoms you are experiencing or other concerns you may have.

How often should kids have a physical?

A child should have a physical every year until they start school to ensure they are up to date on their vaccinations. After that, a physical every two years is generally recommended. There is nothing wrong with getting a physical every year before school to ensure the health of your child.

How often should adults have a physical?

As an adult, you should get a physical every one to three years, depending on your medical situation. Our doctor will be able to give you a recommendation on when your next physical should be. Once you reach the age of 65, a yearly physical is recommended.

How much is a physical exam?

The cost for a physical for work, school, camp, or for a sport is $99 for children 18 and under and $125 for adults. We offer a Pre-Op Physical and a D.O.T. Physical. These specialized physicals are $169 plus additional charges for EKGs, X-rays, or labs if needed.

The self-pay rate for those without insurance start at $149.

Is a wellness visit the same as a physical?

A wellness visit shares some of the same characteristics of a physical, but they are not exactly the same. Generally, there are no blood tests or lab screenings associated with a wellness visit

Are physicals covered by insurance?

Many health insurance plans will cover an annual preventive health physical. However, what that plan covers and what tests it covers varies from plan to plan. Check with your insurance provider for details.

What is a physical test for a job?

A job physical or employment physical is a medical examination to ensure you are medically fit for a position. Businesses will often have a specific physical to pass for a position or want verified test results submitted. We can usually assist you with this as long as you provide us some details on what your employer is looking for and what they need to satisfy their requirements.

Do I need yearly physical exams?

Annual physical exams are a great way to catch medical issues early before they become more serious and expensive to treat. Annual physicals allow doctors to track your health over time and look for any trends that may be of concern.

Both of our urgent care locations can give you a physical today with no appointment needed. Visit us at:

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Both centers are open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Do you have any questions about our physicals? Call either center today, and our staff will be more than happy to assist you!

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