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Digital X-Ray Services in Oxford, CT

If you need an injury diagnosed or condition monitored, we can provide that with our digital x-ray services at Premier Urgent Care! We are located at 278-2 Oxford Road Oxford CT 06478. For more information please call us or book an appointment onlineWe serve patients from Oxford CT, Newington CT, Naugatuck CT, New Britain CT, Seymour CT, Wethersfield CT, West Hartford CT and Waterbury, CT.

Digital X-Ray Services Near Me in Oxford, CT
Digital X-Ray Services Near Me in Oxford, CT

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Are digital X rays better?
What are X rays used for?
Are digital X rays harmful?

Looking at an x-ray of the inside of your body might feel a little bit creepy or unsettling, but they provide an extraordinary service to both you and your doctor! Moreover, x-ray technologies are only getting more advanced and safer while producing clearer and more precise images of our bones and organs so that our doctors can deliver us the most accurate diagnoses and evaluations for our various conditions and injuries. Here at Premier Urgent Care, we are proud to be a part of the leading edge in x-ray technology with our digital x-ray services!

Are digital X rays better?

There are many advantages to digital x-rays as opposed to traditional x-rays! For one, the technology involved with digital x-rays can create analyzable images immediately after the examination. With digital x-rays, gone are the days when you were required to wait a full day or two for the x-ray image to develop. Digital x-rays use digital detectors that absorb x-ray energy and convert it into an electrical charge that displays the data’s grayscale images. These images are then instantly processed by image processing software to reduce noise, eliminate distortion, and enhance contrast wherever necessary. Once rapid processing is completed, the image is sent to a nearby computer, where it can be immediately viewed for analysis. Furthermore, the quality of images in digital x-rays is noticeably more enhanced and detailed than with conventional x-rays, and they accomplish this while also significantly reducing radiation exposure to patients during the exam.

In a word, there are numerous reasons that make digital x-ray services a superior choice to conventional x-rays, and we are proud to offer those services at Premier Urgent Care!

What are X rays used for?

While broken bones and fractures may come to mind when thinking of what x-rays are used for, they actually are used to diagnose and evaluate a wide variety of conditions, illnesses, and injuries! X-rays can be used to examine an area where you are experiencing significant pain or discomfort, monitor an illness or disease, and see how well a prescribed treatment is working. Some of those conditions, illnesses, and injuries include the following:

– Arthritis
– Bone cancer
– Breast tumors
– Clogged arteries or blood vessels
– Dental work
– Digestive issues
– Enlarged heart (cardiomegaly)
– Fractures and broken bones
– Infections in the bones, chest, or joints
– Lung conditions
– Osteoporosis
– Removal of swallowed items

If you need an x-ray for any of the above conditions or injuries or are experiencing pain for an unknown reason, you can receive exceptional digital x-ray services at Premier Urgent Care! For more information about our x-ray services, please feel free to give us a call at (475) 675-5502.

Are digital X rays harmful?

In comparison to conventional x-rays, digital x-rays are very safe! Digital x-rays produce 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays. As such, while conventional x-rays only put you at a slightly higher risk of cancer with an extremely low risk of any short-term effects, the risk with digital x-rays is virtually non-existent. All of our x-ray technicians at Premier Urgent Care take great caution and closely follow all safety protocols involved with digital x-ray imaging to ensure our patients have the safest experience possible.

We welcome you to come to Premier Urgent Care if you require digital x-ray services! For an appointment, you can schedule one through our website, call us, or come to 278-2 Oxford Rd in Oxford, Connecticut, for a walk-in appointment during the hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Friday or from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

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