Injury Services for Cuts, Lacerations and Puncture Wounds

Cuts, Lacerations and Puncture Wounds Injury Services Questions and Answers

Premier Urgent Care doctors provide laceration repair for cuts and wounds. We are open 7 days a week. For more information please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Oxford CT, Newington CT, Naugatuck CT, New Britain CT, Seymour CT, Wethersfield CT, West Hartford CT and Waterbury, CT.

Cuts, Lacerations and Puncture Wounds Injury Questions and Answers
Cuts, Lacerations and Puncture Wounds Injury Questions and Answers

Have you suffered a cut, laceration, or a puncture wound in the Newington and Oxford, CT area? While minor injuries can usually be taken care of at home, more serious injuries should be seen by one of our board-certified doctors at Premier Urgent Care. Supported by our experienced staff, we can take care of your injury in our state of the art facility. We can also treat you if you suspect your minor injury has become infected.

What is the difference between a cut and a laceration?

The words “cut” and “laceration” are often interchangeable. Both words indicate that your skin has been damaged by a sharp object, like a knife or shard of glass. In most cases, the wound will bleed. However, a cut is usually referred to as being a minor wound while a laceration is often more serious.

With a cut, you will damage your skin, and the bleeding will stop with some pressure and a bandage and some antibacterial ointment. Most cuts can be treated at home with a first aid kit. Even a deeper cut can be treated with some bandages. Be sure to gently wash the wound first to prevent infection.

A laceration is usually a deeper cut of the flesh, sometimes down to the bone, cutting tendons and ligaments in the process in severe cases. Most lacerations need medical attention as they will not easily stop bleeding on their own. More often than not, you will need sutures or stitches to keep the skin together to promote healing. Many times a jagged cut or skin that has been torn will often be referred to as a laceration.

What is a puncture wound?

A puncture wound is a wound made by a sharp object that penetrates deep into the flesh. Many puncture wounds are the result of a sharp piece of metal or wood, like a nail or a branch. Puncture wounds can be misleading, as usually only a small diameter hole is left in the skin. But don’t let the unimpressive size fool you, they can become easily infected. A puncture wound can carry germs and bacteria deep into the skin. They can even leave foreign objects behind, like pieces of wood, metal, or cloth. Puncture wounds should be examined immediately by one of our doctors at Premiere Urgent Care.

What are some symptoms of a wound that requires medical attention?

If any of the following is true, come to our urgent care center right away.

  • Bleeding that won’t stop after 20 minutes with constant pressure.
  • Problems with feeling below the site of the wound.
  • Loss of function of a limb.
  • Constant, throbbing pain.

What kind of injuries are more likely to be infected?

Not all wounds are alike, and some have a higher chance of becoming infected than others. Puncture wounds and bites are some of the most likely to get infected as germs get below the breaks in the skin, sometimes deep into the flesh. Injuries that crush a part of the body do so much damage that the immune system may struggle to fight off infection as well. Your feet are also an area that is likely to get infected, as it spends most of the day in a damp and dark place, where bacteria love to live: your shoes and socks. Finally, wounds that are dirty and not promptly clean also have a higher chance of becoming infected.

If you suffer a cut, laceration, or a puncture wound get treated promptly at Premier Urgent Care. You can visit either our locations for high-quality service!

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